Hexyl-R Complex and the Spot Solution for Uneven Skin Tone

Ensuring skin is resilient against damage means maintaining a daily skincare regimen that balances skin’s oil and moisture, prevents hyperpigmentation, and protects against environmental stressors. After seven years of scientific research and 1,000 molecules studied, RoC developed and perfected Hexyl-R Complex as a highly functioning, multi-beneficial ingredient for a total solution that delivers a more even-toned complexion.



First, the skinny on fat and oil.

Skin uses fats, which are naturally occurring lipids, to help protect itself from external aggressors. Fats help skin retain moisture, aid in skin repair, and help keep unwanted impurities from entering the body.

Because Hexyl-R is a naturally occurring lipid, skin can easily recognize it and find a way to put this ingredient to use targeting age spots for a more radiant and even tone. Hexyl-R also contains astringent properties, key to removing excess oils above and beyond what your skin needs. When skin isn’t weighed down by the overproduction of oils, it can better maintain healthy balance.

To understand how to effectively treat age spots it’s important to first understand where they come from and how your skin behaves.



The appearance of age spots.

Some skin discolorations can be the result of genetics or hormonal changes, regardless of sun exposure. Age spots can occur when there is an increased number of melanin-producing cells called melanocytes in the skin. When the melanocyte pathways are defective, they create uneven melanin levels, which appear as age spots on the surface of the skin. As we age, the formation of spots on the skin surface is more common and requires targeted treatment like RoC’s Hexyl-R technology. Hexyl-R works to effectively diminish the intensity and overall appearance of age spots.



Sun exposure and dark spots.

What causes skin to darken and become pigmented is an overproduction of melanin. Not only does melanin give skin, eyes, and hair their color, melanin is also your skin’s natural, built-in defense mechanism to protect against sun exposure. Over time, as a result of increased melanin production, spots begin to form, and often become larger and more noticeable over time. Some dark spots form immediately while others appear years after prolonged, unprotected exposure to UV rays. In combination with a daily SPF, RoC’s Hexyl-R can help mitigate the look of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.